13 Animals With Twitter Accounts Worth Following

To the amusement of some and eye-rolling of others, animals and social media are a match made in puppy love heaven, with star pooches, rabbits, cats, and the like often racking up more followers and buzz than their human counterparts.

To wit: this infographic created by Peter Brown on behalf of Edgemere equestrian supplies shop, which takes a look at animals’ domination of social networks and why it’s happening.

Maybe there’s something we can actually learn from social media-active animals: keep your tweets short, to-the-point, and adorable.

If you can stand it, here are 13 animals with Twitter accounts worth a follow.

· Cookie Frankel (@cookiedabooboo): Bethenny Frankel’s pup, with more than 26,000 followers.

· Oprah Winfree (@OprahTheDog): 50 cent’s fairly inactive dog, with a must-see Twitter profile background.

· Bronx Zoo’s Cobra (@BronxZoosCobra): An Egyptian cobra who at one point escaped from the Bronx Zoo, now safely back in his home.

· Mikey (@Mikeythebrat): Hilariously sarcastic German shepherd in Vancouver who refers to his owner as “the ignorant biped.”

· Aflac Duck (@aflacduck): Aflac’s brand mascot’s Twitter feed is worth a follow for amusement’s sake alone.

· Rudy the Parrot (@RudyTheParrot): A singing, dancing avian extraordinaire.

· Sockamillion (@sockington): Rescued on the streets of Boston by Jason Scott, Socks the cat tweets about his love of tuna, pillow attacks, and stale kibble.

· Sullivan (@Sullyburger): Mascot of Cuteness.com.

· Toaster (@ToasterPup): Digg founder Kevin Rose’s pup.

· Smokey Bear (@smokey_bear): The wildfire warner’s 15,000 fans can count on him for fire safety tips and more.

· Baxter Mitchell (@BaxterBlueEyes): Baxter’s family in Sarasota, Florida started this Twitter account and an accompanying website to find him when he was lost. Success, thanks to social media!

· Stanley Pinkerton (@Mr_Pinkerton): Carolina Basset Hound living large in Sunset Cliffs, California as the mascot of Basset Hound Rescue.

· Energizer Bunny (@EnergizerBunny): The celebrity spokesbunny tweets mostly feel-good quotes and photos, with an eye towards promoting Energizer sales and contests.

Do you have any accounts to add to this list?

(Image via Shutterstock)

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