Andy Warhol’s Conrad Black Portrait Up For Auction


Christie’s is auctioning off the assets of disgraced media baron Conrad Black. All well and good. They are discreetly referring to the provenance of goods from Black’s Ravelston Corp, Ltd. as “Private collection, Toronto.” Which they are. Only it’s Conrad Black’s private collection.

It turns out that Black liked collecting portraits of himself. Especially the portraits Andy Warhol made of him.

Warhol painted, in all, four portraits of Black. After Black’s fall from grace, he could only afford to buy back one of them from his creditors.

Now Christie’s is auctioning off another one.

Auction date is November 14 and expected sale price is between $150k-$200k. Not bad for a Warhol original, even if it’s from the early 1980s.

So if you have cash to burn… now’s totally your chance to own a portrait of the star of The Most Boring Embezzlement Trial Of The Century.

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