Andy Fixes Sights (Sites?) on the NRA


Hinted about a little while ago on his site as the next possible recipient in his series of un-requested makeovers, Andy Rutledge is back at it, giving the National Rifle Association‘s site a complete overhaul, taking it a part, piece by piece, and reassembling it into something, if we had any reason to be regularly visiting with the NRA, would make us breathe a big, big sigh of relief. And per usual, Rutledge gives great explanations for why he’s doing all of what he’s doing, and largely on the aesthetic side, so those of us who aren’t coders can still follow along and enjoy a transformation that, sadly, won’t ever see the light of day. Here’s a bit from the intro about the old/current NRA site:

There’s plenty of sizzle, but no steak. You see, while this page is supposed to be a news portal, it indicates only the barest fraction of the news they have to share. The site’s real main page does a far better job of revealing the latest news than this intro page does. This is a clear example of aiming for gravity or personality over substance and missing by a mile. Maybe 5 miles.

…The aesthetic and design are juvenile; not the sort of thing you’d expect from such a powerful organization. The page is far closer to Disney than to Businessweek in how it packages otherwise sober information. This page simply fails; it creates a silly and dissuading image for the NRA.