Android OS 4.0 as a Google+ Recruiting Tool?

TechCrunch notes that people who buy phones and tablets based on Android OS 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich) are asked to join Google+ and enter a valid credit card as part of the new system configuration process. So, what does this mean for the Google+ social network and Google’s bottom line?

Ice Cream Sandwich Prompts Users To Join Google+, Enter Credit Card Information

As TechCrunch notes, Google reports that there are more than 550,000 new Android activations each and every day now. And, consider this, Google reported 350,000 activiations per day just seven months ago. That’s a 57% increase. If Android sees another 50% increase in the next seven months, the activation number may be around 800,000 per day. That works out to about 24 million activiations per month. If 10% of those asked choose to join Google+, there might be 2.4 million new Google+ users every month at that point just from people who buy new Android phones. That won’t catapult Google+ past Facebook (which may see 1 billion accounts sometime next year). But, it certainly will help Google+ stay in the race.

As for the credit card? The Android Market now includes apps, movies, ebooks and music for sale. Ka-ching? Maybe. Maybe not in this case. It all depends how well Amazon’s Kindle Fire does in the Android Market vs. sales wars.