Android is Better Than iOS in Offering Apps Aimed at Hispanics: Flurry

flurryThe Android marketplace is doing a better job at serving the Hispanic marketplace than Apple’s App Store, according to a new report from mobile services firm Flurry.

According to the report, 47 percent of Android apps that Flurry tracks have one or more user with their device set to Spanish for every twenty who have it set to English. Less than 4 percent of iOS apps are Spanish interest, on the other hand.

Here is more from the Flurry blog:

By definition, the audience for Spanish Interest apps includes Spanish speakers, but we wanted to find out what else we could learn about the audience for those apps. We did that by identifying which FlurryPersonas (psychographic segments) are over- and under-represented in Spanish Interest apps. We found that Pet Owners, Sports Fans, and Value Shoppers are among the over-represented Personas and Auto Enthusiasts, Home and Garden Pros, and Real Estate Followers are among the under-represented. A more complete list is provided below.