Andrew Bernheimer Responds to Nicolai Ouroussoff ‘No Good Architects Left in NY’ Claims


Design fight! We’re getting as sick of this whole Prince Charles Vs. Modernism thing as much as you are, so we were really hoping for some other battle to spring up, like those glory days of Cannell vs. Moss earlier this year. Fortunately, the internet has delivered and we are given a classic “Who Hates Nicolai Ouroussoff Now?” (part of an ongoing series). This time, it’s Andrew Bernheimer over at Design Observer responding to the NY Times‘ critic’s recent piece about how, with the death of Charles Gwathmey, New York is now lacking in brilliant architects and architectural thinkers. In response, Bernheimer presents a solid list of talent throughout the city, claiming there are even “more than I can name here.” He asks that Ouroussoff get off his pedestal of gloom and instead starting spending a little more time looking around him to see what’s out there. Granted, it’s not the most vitriolic argument, with absolutely no cursing and hardly any instances of Bernheimer writing “I hope you choke, jerkwad,” but in dry patches like these, when everyone seems to be kind of getting along, we’ll gladly take it. Now the real issue at hand is to see if this response is enough to get Clark Hoyt to apologize.