Andrew Andrew Know Design Design


The same night someone pulled off an exceptional Tobias Wong impression and CITIZEN:Citizen sold his $95 box cutters without a hint of irony, we were much more intrigued with this object, offered by vendors Andrew Andrew during Paper’s 24-hour retail marathon.


Dressed in matching prepwear, the Paper mascots and DJs curated their own collection of design, for sale at prices listed in their own currency, the value of which fluctuated wildly throughout the night. The box cutter could be yours for $94, priced to undercut nearby CITIZEN:Citizen’s real thing. Can you tell the difference? Seriously, can you? We can’t.


Restaged historical photos went for astronomical prices, and we have to say we liked some of them–like Gandhi in front of a brownstone–better than the real thing. There were obvious nods to Moss, and some pieces were especially inspired, like a Lladro figurine coated in car paint, which we found to be awfully beautiful as an homage to liberty. Or something.


After 24 hours in the design business, the Andrews were not feeling as optimistic. When we caught up with them on Saturday at Elizabeth Paige Smith‘s party in Venice, they looked completely beat. “Our market collapsed at about 3am,” one Andrew said glumly. The looked like they wanted to go home.

Hours later and few miles away from the party, we were startled by a car honking wildly at an intersection. We turned to our right, only to find an ecstatic Andrew Andrew, who somewhere between Venice and Culver City had found the will to carry on.