Anderson Cooper Zeitgeist watch

It’s not just us (or the lovelorn puppy at Etat de Coop) — ever since his impassioned Katrina reporting (not to mention smackdown of Senator Landrieu) Anderson Cooper is popping — I keep getting Google alerts about him, often with multiple entries, and he has been solidly on the Technorati search top ten for the past week (although he was knocked out by Keith Olbermann after the latter’s take-no-prisoners summation last night). TVNewser reports that Anderson doesn’t even want to come home, so consumed is he with doing whatever he can in the Gulf (“You know, I don’t have much time, but I can try to get a boat out, if you can let me know the address, and I can check on it…”).The combination of his reaction and his reporting has obviously struck a nerve. Interesting to see where this leads for him. Probably not back to “Celebrity Mole.”