…And Read All Over: Steve Cavendish Speaks of Judging the News


An interesting piece over at Poynter: an interview with Steve Cavendish, a first time judge at this year’s Society for News Design Competition. A local boy, here in Chicago, and employed as a graphics editor at the Tribune, he’s been a member of the organization for more than decade, but this is his first time out as one of 17 judges chosen to select the best of the best in news design-ery. Here’s some:

This year more pages were recognized with SND awards than any other. Was there more work to be recognized or more pages submitted or something else?

Honestly, I think a lot of papers have raised their games. The best news design is just a lot better now than 10 years ago, on average. The best stuff is no longer [headline] [photo] [story] — it’s well layered, and it has a solid graphic or some dynamic quality to it that completely grabs a reader and demands attention

If you’re curious to find out who won this year, go forth and follow this very link. Knowledge awaits you!