And Now, For Something A Little Lighter


We’ve been avid (rabid?) fans of the Daily Show since we realized that there was a saucy and packaged way to get the news that our country was going to absolute pot, but we lost our TV in our divorce. Thankfully, we have other packaged news (not quite so saucy) to turn to, to help alleviate the curiosity we’ve been plagued with ever since Michael Bierut told us about Jim Biber and Paula Scher’s redesign. Today, we found a nice big article that explains everything.

In keeping with a talk show that’s not a talk show, they scrapped the couch. Guests now join host Jon Stewart at an ovoid conference table, sitting on an Eames-designed Herman Miller Aluminum Group chair. Turn the sound down, and it looks vaguely like a crisp, sober sibling of Washington Week in Review.

“I thought it was important to get Jon more at the center of things, so that he was more clearly the epicenter of the visual set,” says Biber. “And to strip away a lot of the talk-show cues, like the couch. It’s not a talk show.”

The couch’s removal has spawned everything from a blog to bring it back, to one reviewer’s assertion that since the redesign, Stewart’s questioning had grown more probing and incisive.

Wait. So…design sometimes…can influence the way people behave???

Kids, our work here is done. Our polemical point proven, our raison d’etre revealed.

And for a second there, we forgot we’d signed our reality away.