Anchor Dad

The new People Magazine has a two-page spread on Meet the Press‘ David Gregory. Excerpts from this morning’s Playbook:

“The host of ‘Meet the Press’ unwinds at home, where talk of politics isn’t nearly as important as what’s for breakfast,” by Sandra Sobieraj Westfall: “The interviewer whose talent Gregory most admires isn’t Russert or Brokaw- but his wife, Beth Wilkinson, 46, a trial lawyer with keen cross-examination skills. He brings his children to temple and is studying the Torah with an Orthodox scholar, saying that if he wants his kids to grow up spiritually, ‘I have to be the real deal; I want them to see me doing it.’

Photo in jeans and untucked shirt at “his home office in Washington, D.C., where the computer is often commandeered by son Max playing Webkinz… ‘Ava [middle] puts face paint on me, and Max [left] says he’s the only kid in his class who doesn’t watch me on TV,’ says Gregory, at home with wife Beth, also holding Jed.”

Gregory also chats with Politico about his Sunday morning competition. “I’m certain that our competition is trying to do everything they can to make up some ground… We’ve obviously had a transition at ‘Meet the Press’ that no one’s expected, so it creates a new atmosphere… But what we’re focused on is that we are the leader. Everybody from me to [Executive Producer] Betsy Fischer to our whole team is focused on just working as hard as we can to live up to the standards that this program has set for years.” You can read the rest of that piece here.