An Offensive ‘Charm Offensive’?

johnroberts.jpg Dan Rather’s favorite blog has been tracking the over-used buzzword of the week: “charm offensive.” Evidently, it’s been mentioned each night this week on the CBS Evening News, as well as both ABC and NBC and all three cable news channels.

Although Soledad O’Brien and Joe Scarborough each went “charm offensive”-crazy in one show this week (using the phrase 4 times and 3 times respectively), CBS’ John Roberts has been the worst consistent offender of the week:

“An Olympic inspection team has arrived in the United States to evaluate New York City’s bid to host the 2012 Games. Randall Pinkston is here with us tonight and reports the city is planning an all-out charm offensive, despite a furor about its main venue.” — John Roberts, Sunday

“As charm offensives go, President Bush couldn’t have asked for a better kickoff.” — John Roberts, Monday

“His European charm offensive aside, President Bush still has image problems here.” — John Roberts, Wednesday

Can we suggest that some news script writers pick up a thesaurus tonight before they go on the air?