An Ode To That Big Yellow Book


By way of Airbag, which is referenced in the post (as well as being offered up as the very cause of it), comes a wonderful ode to FontBook from Current Configuration. There are wonderful photos, a whole, very detailed description of the weighty tome, and the history of how it came to be. Even if you already own a copy, and you should, it’s a very worthy read. Here’s a little from the opening:

I’d heard of FontBook but never seemed to come across it, the previous three additions apparently having been snapped up and hoarded by earlier generations. And having one well-designed and near-comprehensive resource for digital type is very valuable. Graphic designers, such as myself, can end up spending a great deal of time searching for the perfect typeface(s) to suit a project. Often, by combing a combination of printed type specimens (the result of carefully and steadily collecting by mail at at events) and website perusing (the result of carefully and steadily collecting by bookmarking and searching), a designer can get a pretty comprehensive look at what’s out there. But collecting and comparing these options can get pretty tough. That’s where FontBook comes in.