Amy Odell Now Freely Admits: That Kurt Loder Interview Just Didn’t Cut It

Cosmopolitan stays close to home for this week's "Get That Life."

Amy Odell, editor of, is doing the publicity rounds for her new memoir Tales From the Back Row. Her colleagues figured that made her a perfect fit for this week’s edition of the website’s ongoing series “Get That Life.”

Odell has shared with Heather Wood Rudulph a breezy summary of her academic and professional life. It’s about internships, the importance of saying no to workplace berating and… the benefits of owning up to mistakes:

I ended up freelancing for New York magazine for their party reporting section. You go to these parties, interview these people for a few minutes each and then file your transcripts. I think I interviewed Kurt Loder on my first assignment. I don’t think the party reporting editor was very impressed with what I did. I didn’t get another assignment.

Then the editor sent out a mass email again saying she was looking for people, and I somehow got it too. I reached out and said, “Look, I went out for you once before and you didn’t like what I filed. But I know that I’m good. I know I can do this, and I really want to go out for you again.” She told me later that the fact that I said I messed up but I know I can do it again was really ballsy. She respected that and sent me out to an event.

Ha ha. There you go, Kurt Loder. You were, sort of, a key part of Ms. Odell’s success.