Amplify Helps Brands Leverage the Social Web

-Amplify Logo-Amplify is a recently launched tool that lets you easily share web content across the social web. As a browser extension, the Amplify button is always there, no matter where you surf on the web. From Twitter to Facebook, Amplify offers a slew of social media networking, bookmarking and sharing sites that you can “amplify” your content towards.

You can also share web content with Clipmarks, a social bookmarking site that was launched by the same team behind Amplify. Consider it a bookmarking revival, bringing new life to the Clipmarks service.

In order to get stared, you sign in with your Twitter credentials. Then you can install the Amplify bookmarking addon to your browser. From there, you can select text to be clipped and shared. Tweeting content you find on the web is extremely simple with this tool, as is sharing conten throughout your social graph on Facebook.

Taking advantage of Facebook Connect, Amplify lets you share customized bits of the web on Facebook. The shared media will appear in your news feed, where most of your Facebook friends will see the shared content.

Of course one of the benefits of such a tool is that it minimizes the need for you to have multiple clipping tools in your browser. Instead of having one for Facebook, another for Delicious, and still others for FriendFeed and Tumblr, Aplify gives you multiple options in a single tool.

There are other services that offer similar capabilities–ShareThis is one of many tools that let you share web content across a variety of sites and networks. A key difference for Amplify is that you’re also able to archive your shared web content on Amplify’s site, with what the team calls a Clog. This is like a blog with a very ironic term. I imagine in the future we’ll see some additional features being added onto clogs, which could include practicalities like advanced search, real-time updates or custom filters, to name a few.

As far as business use goes, there seems to be some potential for Amplify, as many brands that are taking to the web need easily integrated tools for redistributing their content across the social web. While there doesn’t seem to be any particular features designated for just this, it’s something that both brands, advertisers and Amplify can keep in mind for future implementation.