AmEx’s Social Data Shows That Nostalgia Is Just Swell

19th-century pics push engagement through the roof

For the last year, American Express has been getting fantastic results by posting historical brand images to its Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages. Think archeology or nostalgia as social media branding.

"We're focused on a number of things to keep engagement high across our social platforms," explained Mona Hamouly, vp of social media for the New York-based financial giant. "One of the ways we do that is by offering a wide variety of the type of content we post."

Not to mention a wide variety of photos from the brand's 163-year heritage in an initiative called #AmexArchive. Hamouly exclusively shared the following data points with Adweek that demonstrate how offering up grainy, decades-old pictures has created superb social engagement without any ad spend.

The numbers below represent how average engagement for the archive posts has continuously improved over the last several months.

  • On Twitter, a 160 percent increase in retweets
  • 127 percent bump in Facebook likes
  • 120 percent increase in Facebook comments
  • 100 percent lift in Facebook shares
  • On Google+, a 104 percent hike in +1s
  • 155 percent increase in Google+ comments
  • 346 percent jump in Google+ reshares
  • On Instagram, a 112 percent lift in likes and comments

And here are examples from #AmexArchive:

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