AMEX Twitter Deals Already Being Used By “Millions”

American Express cardholders can sync their card to their Twitter account for deals and discounts at their favorite stores – and millions have already taken advantage of the new partnership in just the first five days of the campaign.

You could save $5 the next time you’re at McDonald’s, or $20 off your next Whole Foods bill. And all this just by tweeting a few AMEX-inspired hashtags.

Twitter users can get deals at Zappos, H&M, Virgin America, FedEx, Best Buy and other big retailers across the US. They’ve partnered with AMEX, who is offering discounts if its cardholders tweet related hashtags.

At SXSW, AMEX spoke with Clickz about the huge success of its new campaign.

In the first 48 hours of the campaign, there were over 2,000 tweets sent which included the hashtag #AmexMcDonalds, as people tweeted about which menu items they were going to spend their $5 on. AMEX claims this year’s Twitter campaign was more successful than last year’s SXSW campaign with FourSquare.

Clickz spoke with Elizabeth Rutledge, Amex’s EVP of global network marketing and information, about the current campaign:

“Already, millions of Twitter users are engaging with and receiving special offers from the brands and retailers they care about…In digital, and especially mobile, the simplicity and non-clunkiness of the user experience is key.”

The deals expire between March 31st and April 30th, so if you’re an AMEX cardholder interested in saving a bit of money on your next statement, now’s the time to start tweeting!

(Deal button image via Shutterstock)

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