American Idol Semifinalist, Merrick’s Robbie Rosen, Still Living His ‘Dream’

As all eyes watch American Idol dwindle down to the final four, fans of the show will recall Robbie Rosen. The melodic, Merrick native, Rosen had an untimely exit from the popular Fox talent competition after reaching the Top 24.

Rosen, now making the rounds, especially on Long Island, appeared at the Folio Awards in Woodbury last week. He sang the National Anthem.

The unassuming junior from Calhoun High School would have liked to continue on Idol, but considers himself lucky.

“I was just so happy with the way everything went before,” Rosen, 17, says. “It was just such an incredible ride that it’s a great platform going forward. I was definitely upset, but just happy that I’ve lived my dream.”

Part of that dream already took place when Rosen returned home to a hero’s welcome.

“It was definitely pretty crazy,” Rosen recalls. “I walked into choir and got a standing ovation … It was amazing just to know that my school was behind me in everything I did.”