AMC 2006: Sipping Cactus Juice With David Remnick, Other Mag Execs In The Desert


FishbowlNY will be blogging live this week from the American Magazine Conference — the annual pow-wow of high-powered magazine executives — at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa in Phoenix. Check back often for our extended coverage.

  • Temperature: 85 degrees
  • Humidity: 26 percent
  • Pool temperature: 78

    The 2006 version of the American Magazine Conference in Phoenix is officially underway, and we’re here with about 500 magazine executives doing what magazine executives do: Shuffling from buffets to air-conditioned conference rooms to pools to cocktail parties to dinners to after-parties to hotel bars, all while talking about things like “engagement” and “the Internet.” It’s an idyllic scene for executives of an industry that is, by many accounts, as healthy as a Nigerian village — one that is seemingly always searching for its own Madonna or Angelina Jolie, so that its executives can get back to the task of publishing and editing and sipping the cactus juice without guilt, that is, if they have any to begin with.

    We’ve already seen a number of notables, including Glamour editor Cindi Leive, Niche Media publisher Jason Binn, Michela O’Connor Abrams of the reorganized, increasingly embattled Dwell, and New Yorker editor David Remnick sweating lightly on an elliptical at the Biltmore Spa.


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