Amazon MP3 Store Could Go Global Soon

Amazon_MP3_Store.jpgToday, the States—tomorrow, the world! Well, maybe not quite yet. But Engadget is reporting that executive’s from Amazon’s MP3 store were in London last week to “thrash out details of the launch with British record company bosses.”

Two factors are complicating the Amazon MP3 Store’s global ambitions. The first is the issue of DRM, according to the report—there’s no guarantee what other countries will make of Amazon’s total lack of copy protection, blessed as it is for American consumers that want to be able to buy a song and legally play the thing on their cell phones.

The other is Apple’s iTunes Store, which poses a conundrum for the music labels: how to continue to strengthen alternative outlets such as Amazon’s MP3 Store (with its bargain pricing and more flexible terms) in light of Apple’s steamroller-style dominance over the music industry. More on this story as we hear it.