Amazon Cyber Monday eBook Sale

If you haven’t quite maxed out your credit cards today then I have one more deal for you. Amazon has over 900 eBooks on sale today, and all are priced between 25% and 75% off. There are some very good deals here.

The eBooks are spread across a number of genres, including mystery, fantasy, satire, and SF, with most of the eBooks marked down to the $1 to $4 range. The deal runs to midnight west coast time, so there’s about 10 hours left on the clock.

I’d been planning to get the Spellsinger series by Alan Dean Foster, and today I got lucky. They’re all $2 each, including the ones that are marked down from $16 and $17. That’s one heck of a discount. And those aren’t the only good deals.  I’m about to go back and go  through again just to see if I missed any.