Almost Done

We promise that the prom postings will be coming to end soon, but here’s a little round-up of some additional coverage:

  • Gawker does D.C. in a meta kind of way.

  • The Trib Swamp offers some thoughts.

  • Stephen Colbert got a chilly reception.

  • The Reliable Sourcettes were there and tells this story: “Janine Zacharia, Bloomberg News diplomatic reporter, invited [Tiki Barber] to the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, convinced that the football-obsessed secretary of state would come by the table to schmooze. Rice went one better, inviting Barber and Zacharia to lunch at the State Department yesterday. (Major props to Zacharia for some enterprising source cultivation!)”

  • Karen Feld was also everywhere this weekend and reports (not online) that Lloyd Grove is anxious that his contract at the New York Daily News hasn’t been renewed and is looking for a job back here in D.C. Could we perhaps volunteer the Reliable Source column? [By the way, Michele Greppi, obviously new to covering Washington, was appalled at Feld’s dogged companion, Campari. Just imagine if Michele knew that tonight was Campari’s birthday party at a Gallery Place restaurant from 6 to 8 p.m.]

  • Mary Ann Akers has dish and Jeff Dufour offers some tidbits too.