Alltop Puts Your Favorite Websites on a Single Page

alltopThey say, “If you build it they will come.” Anyone who owns a Website or blog knows that the statement doesn’t apply to the Internet. But what if you take the best of what people have built and put it all under one roof, will they come then? certainly thinks so. And current traffic trends seem to be backing them up.The concept is simple, aggregate content, broken out into categories, and display headlines (with mouse-over descriptions). That means you’ll find the five most recent stories from at least 30 leading Websites in a given niche. Current categories range from Photography to career, celebrity gossip to automobiles. Feeds are updated every 10 minutes.

Alltop was founded by Will Mayall, Kathryn Henkens and Guy Kawasaki, the team behind the citizen-news Website Truemors.

They are very open in giving props to PopURLs who were one of the first to set up this style of site.

One of the reasons I love Alltop so much is that you can discover great new Websites in an area that you are interested in. It’s also great for bloggers to keep a beat on what the competition is doing. Of course, I usually just get nauseas that someone is re-writing something I did two weeks ago. Hopefully Alltop will help the “cessation of Internet stagnation.”

If you don’t see one of your favorite Websites listed, you can send Alltop an e-mail requesting inclusion.

There could be plans to customize pages in the future, but for now you’re at the mercy of a pre-determined order. However, if a server can’t read a feed, it will be dropped down on the page.

Alltop is a win for content owners. Bloggers get more traffic and greater exposure. Let’s hope they’ll also be forced to raise the bar on the content they produce.