Ali And Ed: Together Again

Watch out Bret Baier. Old feelings resurfaced over the weekend as FNC’s Ed Henry ate prime rib with CNN’s Ali Velshi at Wit & Wisdom in Baltimore. As some may recall, Ali is Ed’s old bromance from his CNN days. We know you’re hot and fresh in Ed’s life, Bret, and we doubt the dinner meant anything more than reminiscing. But first loves can burn strong. And look at their bursting smiles! Actually, er, don’t.

Velshi, in fact, remarked on the bromance, declaring it over. “Eating at Wit & Wisdom. @EdHenryTV picks prime rib; I’m having bison & @NickRagone2 siding w/ him #BromanceIsOver #WhyAreWeInBaltimore.” (Nick Ragone, who snapped and ran the photograph of the couple above, is a TV Commentator in New York.)

Ed remarked on Twitter, “Was terrific to catch up with @alivelshi — now he’s beating me in # of followers so you need to help me out! ha.”

As you can see, competitive as always. Ed has 40K followers; Velshi has nearly 71K. That’s a 30,000 difference. Bret, watch your back.