Alabama Paper In Rural Studio County Reports Residents Want No More “Non-Traditional” Homes to be Built


We ourselves spent some time this summer observing and processing the impact of the Rural Studio‘s work to provide affordable housing to low-income residents of Hale County, Alabama. So we were especially interested in this article published by the Greensboro Watchman, the paper of record in Hale County’s largest town.

The piece, written by Patrick S. Parr, was featured on the paper’s front page and claims that local residents do not approve of the work of the Rural Studio and HERO–that’s the local organization implementing Project M‘s Buy a Meter program to bring clean water to Hale County residents. Although it’s difficult to see where the reportage ends and the opinion begins, Parr recounts a planning committee meeting held to approve the design of new modern housing being planned in the area:

Those present were asked, “How many of you would like to have a structure such as the Joe Moore House and the houses built and planned by the Auburn Rural Studio located next to your property?” No one present indicated that they would like such a structure located next to them–not even the Planning Committee members present.

Pam Dorr was requested to see that no more non-traditional homes be built in the city limits of Greensboro. The citizens of Greensboro deserve traditional home structures to be considered worthy of a structure that enhances the community to show that we, the citizens of Greensboro, are trying to make Greensboro an attractive place for citizens to live.

Which makes us wonder…is it really the “non-traditional” houses they’re against? Or the low-income families who move into them?

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