The Day Al Davis Thought About Buying UPI

Although Al Davis might have had to tweak his well-known mantra to “Just write, baby,” he certainly had all the temperamental tools to become a successful media baron. And according to long-time LA Times sportswriter Steve Springer, the late owner of the Oakland Raiders at one point contemplated that very possibility:

When United Press International was on the verge of financial collapse, Davis asked me how much I thought it was worth. “Why?” I said. “Because I’m thinking of buying it,” he replied. “That way, I can have my own stories written and run side by side with all the sh*t you guys write.”

Just imagine the possibilities. Every Raider Nation game post-mortem headlined as a victory of some sort; if not on the scoreboard, then at least in the realm of tackles, crowd noise or missed calls by referees.

A little further on in the blog post, Springer shares an even crazier Davis reminiscence. It involves one-time Russian leader Boris Yeltsin, several politically incorrect Jewish references and a very unlikely long-distance phone call.