Airbnb Is Testing 360° Live Video on Twitter and Periscope to Inspire Vacation Planners

On the heels of Toyota's success at CES

Livestreaming became fashionable among brands in 2016, with Lowe's, Taco Bell and other companies testing out the concept via Facebook Live, Periscope and other platforms. While driving sales is always at the heart of marketing, many of those early examples chiefly sought to achieve engagement among many consumers. 

With that in mind, Airbnb this weekend wants some of what Toyota got yesterday, when the carmaker's 360-degree effort via Twitter and Periscope at CES garnered more than 1 million views. 

Moving forward, Airbnb, in the next three days, will employ Twitter and Periscope's 360-degree livestreaming channels to inspire vacation-minded consumers toward traveling to Hawaii and Detroit while stirring their interest in Cameroonian cuisine. The San Francisco company is working with home-rental members in different locales in its first try at 360-degree video. 

It's being billed as a "tour" with multiple international stops.

Coming live from London at 2 p.m. ET today, an Airbnb host will show onlookers how to prepare a Cameroonian feast. Here's the feed:

On Saturday, also at 2 p.m. ET, viewers can get a glimpse into an extravagant home property in Kauai. On Sunday afternoon (exact time not yet announced), a city tour of Detroit will take place, virtually bringing folks to some of Motor City dwellers' favorite haunts. 

"What's unique about bringing Airbnb experiences and homes onto the live space on Twitter and Periscope is that we're able to bring people together," said Jasmine Atherton, Airbnb's head of social, Americas. "Airbnb was built on creating meaningful connections with people and having deeply local experiences––live 360 video is a perfect way to bring that to people no matter where they are."

It will be interesting to see whether his team gets the kind of traction that Toyota achieved. Stay tuned. 

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