Air America Media Celebrates New Web Site In Style

09.23.09 Launch Party 056.jpgIt’s not often that we find ourselves at media events eating Chinese take out in someone’s living room. But that’s exactly what we experienced Wednesday night as Air America Media celebrated the upcoming launch of its new Web site.

Newly engaged chief digital officer Michael Bassik (right), CEO Bennett Zier and chairman Charlie Kireker welcomed guests to the sprawling apartment located just north of Soho on Broadway and introduced the site’s editor-in-chief, Beau Friedlander, who talked about the venture, which the company hopes will become the homepage for progressive Democrats.

Air America’s on-air talent were also in attendance, including Ron Reagan, Lionel, Montel Williams and Ana Marie Cox. We also chatted with The Onion‘s Baratunde Thurston, blogger Maegan Carberry and Deanna Zandt. And happily, unlike one unlucky partygoer (or building resident) we avoided getting trapped in the elevator. We took the stairs.

More pictures after the jump.

09.23.09 Launch Party 018.jpg

Charlie Kireker, Air America’s chairman (middle)

09.23.09 Launch Party 031.jpg

CEO Bennett Zier and Cami Lovelett

09.23.09 Launch Party 033.jpg

Ron Kuby and Chris Rosen, “The Ron Reagan Show” producer

09.23.09 Launch Party 038.jpg

Ana Marie Cox (in green), Air America Senior VP of Programming Bill Hess and Bennett Zier

09.23.09 Launch Party 051.jpg

Ron Reagan, Beau Friedlander and Tiran Kiremidjian

(Photos courtesy of Air America Media)