AIA’s Architect Suspension Due to Extramarital Affair Gets People Talking


An interesting piece of juicy talk concerning the American Institute of Architects lately, and this time completely unrelated to either Kermit Baker or the always sexy Billings Index. Story goes is that the AIA has decided to suspend Montana-based architect Donald Briggs after it was learned that he had been having an affair with one of his clients. If that weren’t enough. the husband of the affairing-woman was also upset at the cost overruns during the new house design/building they’d hired Briggs for, particularly because he’d largely only spoken about the details about the project to his wife. The AIA determined that Briggs’ conduct had violated the rules of their Code of Ethics, given that said affair might have “affected his professional judgment while rendering professional services” and thus, his membership has been suspended for two years. Although this doesn’t have any baring on Briggs’ license to practice architecture, who knows what the effect on his business will be without that AIA affiliation. The whole case has drummed up some interesting debate over at Archinect‘s forums, with readers offering opinions from both sides, all under the forum’s title “The Farnsworth Days Are Over.”