AGON Online is the Newest Social Gaming Platform for iPhone Developers

agon logoFor the iPhone and its Apps Store, companies have increasingly been creating social games platforms that enable game developers to focus on creating the core content of their games. Today, another one is joining the fray.

AGON Online, a new social gaming platform, hails all the way from Denmark. As of last month, it had more than 200 developers building AGON-enabled games circulating Apple’s App Store, including Sheepstacker (Tiny Tim Games), Arcade Claw (John Moffett), and Planet God (Game Grinder).

According to developers, AGON is an easy and robust development platforms for young companies. “After hunting around for a solution to our online needs, AGON was by far the best option for us,” says Paul Dunning of 3Side Studios, makers of the Crush Bunny app. “Its feature set matched our needs exactly, and integration into our code was extremely easy. Plus, the web interface for creating leaderboards and awards is a joy to use. AGON was really helpful and quick to fix any problems.”

agon leaderboardsAGON does have a hefty feature set. Ranging from leaderboards to profiles, the social platform comes with many useful tools. It has friends management (with Facebook integration), awards/achievements, cross promotion, geolocation with Google Maps integration and scalable server infrastructure. In addition, it’s free for both developers and players.

AGON Online is managed by a team of game developers at Aptocore. Their background stems from popular platforms such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, and the PC. The team has explicitly stated that they see the iPhone as their new “love,”  and the primary space for gaming “on-the-go.” To that end, many believe they are creating a mobile rendition of Xbox Live.

Whether or not AGON Online is the best social development platform for the iPhone is a matter of opinion. But several people have great things to say.