Afternoon Reading List 08.13.13.

Paying for an unpaid internship — Unpaid internships have become a dreaded necessity, and Capitol Hill is no different. As HuffPost’s Arin Greenwood reports, one aspiring Hill staffer has launched a campaign on Indiegogo to cover the costs of living in D.C. during an internship she’s been offered with Sen. Maj. Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). The campaign, titled “Latina Leadership Fund — Dreams and Political Aspirations,” describes Jessica Padron‘s already-impressive political experience and notes that she’ll be the first in her family to be a college grad once she graduates form the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. So far, she’s raised $2,875 out of the $6,500 she’s asking for.

Weiner gets schooled Anthony Weiner has dropped to fourth in the Democratic primary race for New York City mayor, and has become somewhat of a punching bag for the media. As TNR’s Marc Tracy reports, that beating of Weiner continued Monday night when the mayoral candidate got “schooled” by Ben Smith at BuzzFeed Brews. Tracy provides a vivid account of the interview, in which Smith got Weiner to state that his wife, Huma Abedin, “has been assigned a role on the nascent presidential campaign” of Hilary Clinton. Smith, editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed, was “masterful,” he wrote. While Tracy described Smith’s “keen dislike for Weiner,” Tracy wasn’t shy about his love for Smith.

#PredictingRaces — According to a new study by researchers at Indiana University, Twitter can predict the winner of political races. As National Journal’s Alex Roarty reports, the study analyzed tweets from the 2010 midterm election and found that data correctly predicted the outcomes of 404 of the 406 House races. Fabio Rojas, one of the study’s co-authors, says that the raw number of tweets and whether the tweets praise or criticize the candidate doesn’t matter. Instead of taking the raw number of tweets about a candidate, the study looked at the tweets a candidate earned compared to their opponent. Maybe Nate Silver figured this out a while ago and just never told anyone, but we’re not sure.