Afternoon Reading List 01.19.10

  • The Getaway – Poshbrood founder, publicist and writer Elizabeth Thorp brings us a travel story for HuffPost with the headline, “How to Vacation Like a Celebrity Without a Black Amex.” In it, we learn how to “roll” like Brangalina and Lindsay Lohan minus all that, you know, money. We can also vacation like those we “respect” — Heidi, Seal and Gwyneth. Some options are affordable, such as hot springs in southern Pennsylvania or a hotel in greater Cancun. Read here.
  • VF‘s Maureen Orth offers a personal tribute to the late Sargent Shriver who died yesterday. Orth, a former Peace Corps volunteer, writes, “I was recruited into the Peace Corps at age 20, right off the Berkeley campus, by a loud southern guy with a bullhorn—he was to become the NBC reporter Douglas Kiker (years later we met as colleagues). Sarge had the ability to bring together all sorts of talented and sometimes offbeat people, and to convince them to try something they weren’t really planning to do.” Read here.
  • The Daily Caller/Weekly Standard‘s Matt Labash writes his weekly advice column. This week he advises a reader who is planning her wedding. Is Labash a budding wedding planner? She asks if she should she use the local church and homemade food. (No, he says not so gently. “Unless you want Aunt Phoebe showing up with her three-bean casserole.”)