After Wired Cover Shoot, Foursquare Founder Still Thinks Having a Publicist is ‘Overkill’

dennis crowley - wired cover.jpg

Dennis Crowley, founder of the fast growing mobile social network foursquare, is on the cover Wired UK’s July 2010 issue wearing a crown, as you can see in this picture.

So, does Crowley, whose service is certainly hot, but still only has one million users, regret being shot wearing a king’s crown and being called “the new king” of social media?

Not really, although he does give some advice to others who are facing a big photo shoot:

When I told my friends about the crown they were like ‘oh no – you need a publicist!’. I think that’s overkill, but bring a friend with you that can tell you whether you are taking it a little too far. Having a friend / PR rep / etc that was like ‘dude, don’t put the crown on’ may have been helpful in retrospect 🙂 I guess the lesson is that you don’t have to do whatever the crew tells you to do.

The advice makes sense for Crowley, who told PRNewser in October 2009 that PR, “pretty much takes care of itself,” and as far as we can tell hasn’t budged from that stance since.

We’ll make sure to ask him again when he appears on our Media Beat interview show later this month.