After Several False Starts, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dedication Rescheduled for Sunday


Third time’s a charm for the opening of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, we suppose (or fourth or fifth or… etc.) After its “soft open” to the public back in early September, the ever-controversy-acquiriring memorial’s official dedication was at first thwarted by Hurricane Irene, with the date then left up in the air while organizers scrambled to rebook everyone to come back to dedicate once the storm clouds had lifted. A few weeks after that, Ed Jackson Jr., the executive director of the project said the dedication would “absolutely…definitely” happen on September 16th, which of course came and went without a dedication in sight. However, after these several starts and finishes, it appears that it might actually happen this Sunday. The Washington Post reports that the event is scheduled to kick off at 9am, with people like Aretha Franklin, Jesse Jackson, Julian Bond, and members of the King family speaking and performing, culminating with President Obama coming on as at the keynote speaker at 11am. However, after having seen the number of near-misses in the past, we’re afraid we’ll just have to see it when we see it. We recommend bringing an umbrella and at least two days worth of rations should there be another national disaster.