After Describing What It Feels Like to Be Picked on By Trump, Katy Tur Picks Apart His Claims

"It's especially unique when they're actually saying your name and looking directly at you, and that's what happened today."

Returning to one of his favorite rally games yesterday, Donald Trump revved up the crowd in a game of taunt the press, singling out featured guest Katy Tur, the NBC News correspondent who has been an on-again off-again subject of Trump’s public taunting throughout the election cycle. Trump called Tur out by name this time in the midst of a complaint that the media wasn’t effectively capturing the size of his…rallies.

When Tur responded last night on The 11th Hour With Brian Williams, her message to Trump was essentially, cut the bullshit, although more eloquently put.

“It’s especially unique when they’re actually saying your name and looking directly at you, and that’s what happened today” said Tur. And that’s all she would say about it on a personal level, focusing instead on demonstrating how preposterous his claim was:

Donald Trump was complaining about this idea that he has that the press doesn’t show his crowds, which is factually untrue…there’s a number of cameras, he sees them all, oftentimes when he’s playing to the camera and saying we don’t move our cameras to show these crowds, the cameras are all looking in opposite directions showing the crowds. And not to mention we are penned in. The campaign doesn’t even allow the cameras to even leave to go get more crowd pictures.

Donald Trump also does know this to be incorrect. He’s joked in private with reporters about how he understands how the pool camera works.

Let’s unpack that:
1. Trump keeps repeating something that’s not true.
2. He knows it isn’t true.
3. His campaign’s policies toward journalists’ movement within the rallies partially inhibits the things he claims he wants, even though it’s already happening.
4. A presidential candidate is complaining about rally photo ops, because that’s what’s really important.

And if you’re looking for answers, Tur had an explanation, emphasis ours: “This is a shtick that he does. It’s to rile up his base, it’s to give them an excuse for polls that might not be in his favor. It’s to give them an excuse to berate somebody other than Donald Trump, and to blame somebody for something that doesn’t look as good as they want it to look.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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