Advice to the Recent Graduate Looking for a Job

At a time when unemployment hovers well over 9 percent, it’s difficult for college students to find a job in this crowded job pool.
While, the National Association of Colleges and Employers says 5.3 percent more graduates will be hired this year compared to 2009, that comes off a terrible year where the number of graduates hired dropped by 21.6 percent. So the jobs haven’t caught up to the number of graduates looking yet, but what should the young job seeker do if he finds himself stuck on his parents couch with potato chips and a degree in hand?

Mrim Boutla, a career coach and founder of PurposeU, gives some advice to the unemployed grad. In a post on Just Means, she explains ways a college graduate can gain experience while looking for that first, full-time gig.

Her suggestions include:

1) Look into growing businesses – Most big companies have been on survival mode for the last two years. Even if the employment situation in terms of unemployment is worrisome, remember that people get hired everyday. Furthermore, there are companies that get business done better that are actually growing.

2) Volunteering… will enable you to gain valuable experience and contacts that can translate into a job… When choosing to volunteer, go at it with a clear road map in terms of the projects you would be involved in, the length of time of each project, as well as the measurable outcomes that will be generated through the projects you will be contributing to.

3) Secure a temporary assignment – In this tough economy, getting your foot in the door might come through a temporary assignment or after being first hired as a consultant.

Of course the problem is none of these ideas provides health care or much cash, but, hopefully, that spot on your parent’s couch is open for a little longer while your search continues.