Advice to Interns: Don’t End Up in Roll Call’s HOH And, Yes, There are Dumb Q’s

Parade of interns: A Capitol Hill intern series

Roll Call‘s HOH columnist Emily Heil has some poignant advice for interns who are starting to make the summer procession into Capitol Hill offices.

The main thing? “The best advice I can give interns is simple. Don’t wind up in HOH,” Heil writes in today’s paper.

Hypothetically speaking (of course), Heil also has the anti-advice: “If I were truly an evil gossip columnist, I would urge the college-age set invading the Capitol this summer to make sure that their antics are grander and more public. (Why not cc the entire committee staff on that e-mail screed? Why not announce which Member of Congress you work for while doing drunken karaoke?)”

Later, she lists a bunch of don’ts. My favorite: “Don’t believe the maxim, ‘There are no dumb questions.’ There are loads of dumb questions.”

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