A Flowchart To Find Great Advice About Anything [INFOGRAPHIC]

No matter your profession, age, gender, socioeconomic status, geographic location, interests, or hobbies, surely you occasionally seek advice.

Whether it’s the optimal place to launch your startup, the best Italian restaurant in your neighborhood, legal advice, or tips for finding a better work/life balance, everyone finds themselves at one point searching for advice.

But where do you start?

When is it appropriate to DM someone on Twitter and ask for advice? Which websites should you turn for tutorials on certain subjects? When does WebMD suffice, and when is it time to make a doctor’s appointment?

The folks at Clarity, a San Francisco-based, entrepreneur-focused online community centered around connecting people to experts in order to answer their questions and provide guidance, have more experience than most in giving advice.

The Clarity team summarized their findings as to how the process of looking for and receiving advice works, in flowchart form.

Check it out:

(Infographic via Clarity, image via Shutterstock)

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