Advertising Age: hearing imaginary conversations?

Wow. Everyone likes to prognosticate about the new TV season, even if they have nothing to say. From a ‘personal alert’ email sent out by Advertising Age (my bolding):

BACKGROUND: The new TV season is kicking off this week with Fox’s “Kitchen Confidential” having aired on Tuesday with a disappointing rating but some talk about its potential build. UPN’s “Everybody Hates Chris,” which airs tonight, is generating the most buzz among media buyers. ABC’s “Commander in Chief,” which airs tonight, has sparked a national discussion about real-life politics and the possibility of a woman being elected President in the near future. And NBC’s “My Name is Earl,” which aired Tuesday, has the top ratings in its time slot for the night.

I haven’t heard talk about ‘Kitchen Confidential’ potentially building, and while there is indeed a ‘national discussion about real-life politics’ and people do talk about the possibility of a woman being elected President, I haven’t noticed that ‘Commander in Chief’ has upticked it. (For that matter, note that no woman is elected President in ‘Commander in Chief.’ She ascends from being the VP.)

Anyway, I don’t know who writes these Advertising Age email things, but my sense is that whatever national discussions they’ve heard took place in the Advertising Age office restrooms.