Advertisers Stumble Over Interactive Media

According to this ad-industry focused article in MediaPost (seriously, it’s not the most riveting thing we’ve come across), some advertisers are having trouble taking advantage of all the different interactive platforms.

Jason Klein, co-founder and president of Special Ops Media, said in the story that the “lack of scalability” is still the biggest obstacle facing niche online advertising formats, including broadband video platforms, RSS feeds, blogs, and mobile networks.

The gist of it is that advertisers want to say “OK, I’ve got tons of money to blow on advertising. I want to use this campaign on all of these platforms, across 50 different publishers.” Right now, that’s hard to do, especially on mobile, due to all the different platforms, graphics, screen sizes, file formats, and so on.

Jason Spero, vice president of marketing for AdMob, a mobile ad provider, said in the article that “one of his company’s services is helping clients understand how to handle fragmentation across handsets, how to handle fragmentation across service providers.” Ultimately, the company seeks to avoid this problem altogether, by making “it so an advertiser can make one buy across audiences, across geographies, across providers, across handsets.”

For Niche Media, Aggregation is Key [MediaPost]