Adventures Among The NYT Bloggers II: Of Reptilian Aliens And Anna Wintour

0306davidicke.jpegThe New York Times‘ Paper Cuts book blog just ran a Dave Itzkoff-penned piece on David Icke. Icke is a former British soccer player-turned-author who claims a secret cabal of reptilian aliens runs the world. Among other thing, Icke believes that George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Hillary Clinton and the Rothschild and Rockefeller families are all disguised reptilian aliens who are part of a secret “Babylonian Brotherhood.” Oh, and Kris Kristofferson too. Yes, we’re laughing under our breath while kinda pitying the guy too.

Itzkoff writes: “Meanwhile, the rest of us have been conditioned to ignore this conspiracy by the aliens’ use of superior technology and their manipulation of the mass media. (If none of this is true, ask yourselves: Why have I been playing so much Guitar Hero III lately?)”

However, he discovered something far more alarming: David Icke spoke at the Oxford Union just 24 hours after Anna Wintour did. Is it wrong that we wouldn’t be surprised if Anna Wintour was a shape shifting alien at all?