Advance Wars meets Metal Slug in Warfare Nations on iOS


VOLV Interactive has released its newest game on iOS devices, Warfare Nations. The game is described as a mix between Advance Wars and Metal Slug, and takes players to “The Great War” in Europe. Choosing one of two factions, players will build a base, train soldiers and take their units into battle against story-based enemies and real-world players.

In Warfare Nations, players choose to support the Silver Fox or North Polar, and can train a variety of soldiers, including riflemen, sharpshooters, medics and grenadiers. Players have a headquarters, weapon and armor factories and more, all located on a world map, and surrounded by enemy bases. As players conquer enemy territory, they can build outposts on that claimed land to earn more gold and iron, two free currencies.

During battle, the game switches from an overhead to a side-scrolling perspective. Users are given a chance to ‘scout’ the battlefield to see the units and obstacles resting between both armies, and can then head into battle if they think they’ll succeed.

Players control their units by tapping and swiping to control their walking path. A single finger controls the movement of a single soldier, while swiping with two fingers causes all soldiers to march forward on the battlefield. The field may be littered with mines or other obstacles, so users must plan ahead to not let their soldiers walk right onto them.


At the end of each battle, players earn a new base which generates gold or iron over time, depending on the original structures found there. As enemies become stronger, users are encouraged to upgrade their soldiers, air support and armor units to increase their stats. A plane that makes bombing runs, for instance, could be upgraded with a larger range of attack.

In online play, users can take out others in quick battles, with a minute allotted for scouting and five minutes for each battle round. Players can raid the bases of others for new resources, or stick with playing against computer-controlled enemies.

Warfare Nations is now available to download for free on iOS, and is also available on Google Play and the Amazon App Store. There are plans to bring the game to Windows Phone in the near future.