Adrian Grenier’s Book Entourage, ‘Fundragers’

Warning: If hipster-than-thou actors who organize things called “fundragers” (“fundraiser” + “rager” as in “party” — get it? Get it?) tend to annoy you, read no further.

Green-leaning Entourage star Adrian Grenier, who splits his time between Brooklyn and Los Feliz, decided to launch a book-discussion-dinner club with a few friends. (A book club that by the looks of it [above] apparently requires uniformed security personnel.)

Via the L.A. Times:

For the last three months, Cooke and seven others have been gathering weekly at the Los Feliz home of actor Adrian Grenier and musician and graphic designer Clark Stiles to discuss books over dinner. Friends who share a sprawling, Spanish-style house, Grenier and Stiles were already known for their unusual dinner parties, at which the conversation would be structured around a single theme such as infidelity or quantum physics. The book club, Stiles said, evolved out of this, and apparently even infidelity is no match for Jonathan Safran Foer when it comes to sparking heated debate. The club’s first book, Don DeLillo‘s novel “White Noise,” was universally adored. “Oh, my God, the best book I’ve ever read!” raved Roxanne Daner, Stiles’ partner in the graphic design firm Ludlow Kingsley.

Foer’s “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,” on the other hand, divided the group with “gimmicky” devices like having “seven pages in a row with one word,” as Stiles described it. Daner defended the approach from a graphic design standpoint, and Grenier responded by ripping a page straight out of the book, asking, “Why isn’t this as good as what he’s doing? Why even have the page?”

At that point, “Roxanne almost cried,” chimed in Melissa Keller, an actress and photographer who met Grenier when she had a small part on “Entourage,” “and I was like, yeah! Punk rock!”

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