AdMob’s Ad Requests Quadruple in One Year to 2 Billion Per Day

AdMob, the mobile advertising network Google acquired more than a year ago, reported that it’s now seeing 2 billion ad requests per day. That’s up fourfold from a year ago and 30 times what it was three years ago.

Although we hear that AdMob’s advertising revenue pales in comparison to mobile search ad revenue, the unit says its seeing strong growth internationally with nine countries making more than 1 billion requests a month.

Asia, which is seeing a “Cambrian explosion” of Android devices, is AdMob’s fastest-growing region. Requests are up more than five-fold from there, while they’re up more than fourfold from Western Europe. The number of unique Android and iOS devices making requests has also nearly doubled over the last six months to 100 million.

AdMob did not release statistics on fill rates or CPMs so it’s hard to say how much more profitable the unit is compared to a year ago.