Adknowledge Announces Acquisition of Adonomics

-Adonomics Adknowlege Logos-Today Adknowledge, the parent of, has announced that they’ve acquired Adonomics. Adonomics tracks application traffic on a historical basis for developers and has been growing since its launch soon after the launch of the Facebook platform. Despite being thrown for a loop with the shift of Facebook’s public traffic reporting from daily active users to monthly active users, developers have continued to flock to the site.

Adonomics is also well know for their financial valuations that many have considered ridiculous since it was initially based on Facebook having a $100 billion valuation that Lee Lorenzen publicly touted. Just recently all the advertisements from the site were removed and replaced by Adknowledge, suggesting that a change in patch for the company.

Originally developed to attract the attention of investors and developers for the purpose of reselling applications as well as finding developers to invest in, the site soon became under-developed as the lead developer Jesse Farmer, left the team. Data will be integrated with Cubics data to provide additional information to developers.

It will be interesting to see how this site is adjusted as the transition is made from Altura Ventures to Adknowlege.