‘ADD or DELETE’ Campaign Says Ad Dollars Can Be Better Spent Elsewhere

Media and marketing firm Haberman has launched ADD or DELETE, a campaign that asks people to call out ads that they think contribute something good to society with a positive message and those that are a waste of money. Of course, to many publicists most ad dollars spent are a waste.

The launch of the campaign, just a couple of weeks before the Super Bowl, highlights the amount of money spent on ads during the game – $100,000 per second.

The initiative is meant to “spark a conversation” with businesses on the premise that if five percent of ad dollars spent – it’s projected that $500 billion will be spent in 2011 – were allocated to the “global good,” brands and everyone else would benefit.

Participants can suggest those ads to add or delete on the campaign’s Facebook page.  There’s also a website, featuring the video above.