Adblock Plus Is Ready For Facebook Video Ads

Whenever video ads finally launch on Facebook, Adblock Plus is ready for them.

Whenever video ads finally launch on Facebook, Adblock Plus is ready for them.

The popular browser extension is available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Android, and Opera, and it allows users to choose from two preloaded filters lists or customize their own lists, blocking the types of ads that are included on the lists and allowing “acceptable ads,” also specified by lists, to display properly.

Adblock Plus has been gearing up for the eventual launch of video ads on Facebook for quite some time, releasing the video below in April, and saying in a May blog post:

Facebook will keep “innovating” on new ad formats, for sure. But once a new ad format is discovered, our community is usually pretty quick to add it to the filter.

For example, once Facebook’s new News Feed is up and running, we’ll make it our top priority to enable our users to block all ads in the new format, if they so choose, as well as provide easy filters to block other annoyances.

For mobile advertising, the story is a bit different. Mobile usage — both in terms of the Facebook app and the Facebook mobile site — is growing, and in many countries, it makes up even the majority of usage. Unfortunately, using Adblock Plus for Android to block these ads on mobile is not possible, since it cannot analyze HTTPS traffic. However, we are keeping an eye out for other possibilities.

So, whatever the future of Facebook adverting is, you can be sure that the Adblock Plus community will continue to find ways to enable you, the user, to choose to either enjoy it or block it. The decision belongs to you.

Readers: Do you use Adblock Plus or any similar browser extensions?

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