Add Blog Affiliates and Content With One Click

triggitWouldn’t it be nice if you could add place media and ads on your Web site without having to embed code, FTP software or mess around with HTML? Just-launched Triggit, lets you do just that, automatically integrating with many popular blog platforms. The tool is Web-based, requiring no downloads or hurdles.

There are a few lines of code, but this is one-stop Javascript setup.

The current list of providers, of whose content you can add, includes: Amazon, Commission Junction, Flickr,, Snooth, Wine Searcher, Wine Zap and YouTube.

Auto integration options currently exist for Blogger and Typepad. We sure hope that WordPress is not far behind.

For now, Triggit only works in Firefox. The way it works is that a “Triggit” button is added to your FF toolbar. Upon clicking it, you select one of the above providers form the dropdown menu.

Once you find the content you want to add (a lightbox opens with choices) you just select the text and hit the “place” button.

Triggit is similar to the Yahoo! Shortcuts Plugin we told you about in December. What makes Triggit a little more appealing is that it is not attached to any specific brand.

Our pals over at Mashable are giving away some advance invites.