Act Fast! This Year’s Hottest Dinosaur Auction is Happening Right Now!

Last year we claimed on more than a half dozen occasions that 2009 was “The Year of the Dinosaur Sales,” due to the amount of activity in the industry of selling off thunder lizard bones for millions of dollars (or not selling, as was sometimes the case). Though now, with recent developments, we’re forced to say that we’re not too proud to admit that sometimes we might be wrong. At the time of this posting, it is 3pm in Paris right now and Sotheby’s is having this year’s premiere dinosaur auction. A catalog listed as simply “Natural History,” it includes, well, a catalog’s worth of very old bones and fossils, with the highlight being a complete and gigantic allosaurus skeleton, posed in action in all its terrifying, sharp-toothed glory. According to ArtInfo, it’s expected to bring in a bid higher than $1 million, among the total collection said to be worth between five to just over six million dollars. If all of it sells, it will not only show that the old bones market has fully recovered and will make 2010 the official new “Year of the Dinosaur Sales.” For you dear reader, since the auction is currently running and you’re wasting valuable time, if the allosaurus is too expensive for you, or you already have one in your living room, might we recommend Lot 39, the rhinoceros skeleton? That’s complete too and should only set you back around $100,000.