Offers Advertisers an iPhone Snow Job

When the snow storms keep coming, you can either curse and complain about it, or take the opportunity to make some money off it. will attempt to do the latter by exploring advertising opportunities in its new iPhone app, Snow Days by

The app’s Snow Days Forecast factors in a variety of winter-weather events including snow, ice, and extreme cold, as well as their potential impact on road and travel conditions, to calculate the likelihood of school closings using a five-day, five-point scale ranging from very likely to very unlikely. said it is offering advertisers top-of-page, 300×50 banner ads that can link to more information on both the weather and the products being touted.

AccuWeather vice president of interactive media Pascal Racheneur said:

Kids and parents love AccuWeather Snow Days for iPhone. Not only is the app colorful and fun to use, but it also helps them plan their schedules in advance of school closings. And brands and advertisers have the chance to connect their name with a popular and reliable new app and its users. They are checking AccuWeather Snow Days 24×7 from all locations on their iPhone.